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How to Connect AirPods with MacBook?

How to Connect AirPods to your MacBook?

The idea of ‘wire-free’ in-ear headphones is getting really popular. For music streaming and audio message delivery, the AirPods use a standard Bluetooth connection.

If you own both, a MacBook and an AirPod, it’s time to make them both work together. The ecosystem of Apple is very easy to navigate through. For this easy navigation, Apple accessories come with built-in procedures to connect them together.

AirPods, the wireless in-ear accessory from Apple uses W1 chipset to automatically pair it with iPhone or a MacBook. AirPods are made to synchronize with iPhone but if you want to connect AirPods with your MacBook, it’s time to set it right now.

If your AirPods are already connected to your iPhone, they will be automatically connected to your MacBook. Thanks to Apple for making this sync happen. But if you haven’t connected your AirPods to the iPhone first, here are a few steps to connect them with your MacBook.

Connect Airpods with Mac

If you need help connecting your AirPods to your MacBook, there is a quick way to get started. Here is a simple guide to follow.

  • Put your AirPods in the charging case. Turn on your MacBook when you are ready to connect the pair.
  • On your Mac, go to menu bar and click on the Bluetooth. If it’s not there, go to system preferences & choose Bluetooth. Make sure to turn it on.
  • Now from the list of devices, select AirPods and click connect.

If your AirPods are already paired to your iPhone, it becomes easier to connect these to your MacBook. For this, your iPhone and MacBook, both need to be connected to the same iCloud account.

Pro tip:

If your AirPod fails to connect to your Mac, turn your MacBook and AirPods off and reboot, first MacBook and then AirPods. Sometimes, turning Bluetooth on and off also clears up the connectivity issues.

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Connect AirPods with Android

How to Connect AirPods with Android Devices?

After the launch of AirPods, people mostly ask if these can be paired with android devices. Apple claims that it’s AirPods work perfectly with a variety of Apple devices. But do these AirPods equally compatible with Android devices as well?

The answer is Yes, you can use AirPods with something that is not made by Apple. It’s just a matter of seconds to use them as Bluetooth Earbuds with non-apple devices.

The whole process is extremely easy to follow with the same Bluetooth pairing method we are already aware of.

Pairing your AirPods to an Android device is as simple as pairing them with any Apple device. The process is exactly the same. To pair the AirPods with your Android phone or device, check out the following steps.

Here’s how to connect AirPods to Android Phone

  • Put AirPods in the charging case
  • Open the lid of AirPods case
  • Press and hold the pairing button at the back of the case till the LED light shows up
  • Go to the settings of your Android device and turn on Bluetooth
  • Find your AirPods from the available devices and tap on pairing

That’s all!

Once the pairing is confirmed, you can start listening to the music or the audio of your choice.

Keep in Mind…

Keep it in mind that since your AirPods are now connected to a non-Apple device, it may lack some of the functionality such as access to SIRI, automatic pausing, and some other customization options.

Bottom line

Besides these shortcomings, AirPod users can leverage various benefits from these AirPods. These wireless ear buds can fit perfectly to your ears without the fear of falling down. Also, the quality of sound is unparallel which provides a memorable listening experience. One more thing, it has phenomenal battery life that you won’t find in any other ear bud.

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